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Weg Geschnissen
Lindsay McCulloch

Sept 12 - Oct 26, 2023


Weg Geschnissen laboriously translated means something made with bread bits that usually would be thrown away (from the book by Betty Smith, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn).

Formerly Was is pleased to present Weg Geschnissen, a solo exhibition featuring multimedia work by DC area artist, Lindsay McCulloch. Using a range of media, McCulloch playfully creates deliberate and delicately assembled compositions from objects and materials she often finds accumulating in her studio. Bits of scraps from previous work, left over or discarded toys from her children, and other bits and pieces like ribbons and string from wrapping presents. These objects from her daily rituals as a mother and artist find a way into her art. Her show at Formerly Was, curated by Joumana Moukarim, includes 17 works, ranging from sculptural paper collages, multimedia works on board, prints on paper, and oils on shaped “diabond”. Her work can be described as a smash of vibrant colors, objects, and brushstrokes - featured prominently and whimsically.

This exhibition is on view in person by appointment only.

To schedule a time to see Lindsay’s work, please email the gallery. 

Questions? Email

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